opencare MIR - Agile Kick Off

09 Oct 2017 | filed under:

My name is Giulio Berretta, I’m a blind electronic engineer and, in my spare time, maker. I’ve recently developed customary electronic devices, using also Arduino board.

After playing around with various accessories, I thought to give them give them a voice to ensure that they can be used without having to look at the display.

After developing experimental electrical circuitry, I worked to give a shape to these objects, while my friends led me to WeMake Makerspace Fablab, the place of my dreams.

Giulio assembling the new case he has created, lasercutted by Andrea Biffi, in order to contain an mp3 media player.

At the fablab I met wonderful people who expressed real interest in my projects and, since the very first day, provided me with necessary support, in order to finalize the product. At the beginning of the Agile Planning activity we have structured the work defining the goals. Afterwards we have matched makers and tasks, according to their skills.

Read the outcome of the Agile Planning activity on EdgeRyders!

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